A Big Thank You...and A Little Video!

I would like to start this brief blog by saying a huge thank you to the staff at the Holocaust Educational Trust. I am currently on a two-week work experience with the charity and mentioned my blog in a staff meeting this morning.
Yesterday, I had 22 blog views...So far today, I have had 310! Most of these views have come from the U.K., possibly from fellow Student Ambassadors for the Trust, but there have also been readers from countries as far and wide as America, Russia, France, Australia and Holland.
I am not trying to publicise this blog for personal gratification; I just want as many people to read it as possible, so that such important subject matter can be passed on and shared with those who do not know much about the tragedies of the Holocaust and the lessons we can learn from it. So, if you have a few spare minutes, please do share this with friends, family, or anyone else you think might take an interest in it. Once again, I am not doing this for myself; I am doing it for the survivors, those who lived through such terrible times, and I am also doing it for those who did not.

Other than this, I would like to draw your attention to a short, two-minute video of Holocaust survivor Zigi Shipper. This was filmed as part of the '4Thought' series that is broadcast every weekday on the U.K.'s Channel 4 at 6:55pm, for five minutes before the news.
I have had the privilege of meeting Zigi three times now; on the second occasion, he came to speak at an exhibition Amrit and I set up. He is a lovely, kind gentleman who, like all the other survivors, has suffered so much but given his everything back to humanity in such a positive way.
In this video, he answers the question, 'What would make you lose your faith?'. I hope you find this suitably thought-provoking.