West Midlands Remembers: Kitty Hart-Moxon OBE at The University of Birmingham, Wednesday 16th October 2013

In my role as Regional Ambassador for the West Midlands area, I am devising a series of survivor talks in universities across the region, entitled 'West Midlands Remembers'. I aim to have six separate survivors at six different universities (in honour of the approximate six million victims of the Holocaust) attended by as many people as possible. Audiences will mainly consist of university students but I wish to welcome all who would like to attend.

The series was launched on Wednesday 16th October at The University of Birmingham, of which I am now an alumnus, led by the amazing Kitty Hart-Moxon. This was Kitty's second visit to the University that I had helped to arrange. Kitty has long-standing ties with Birmingham and its university, including, most recently, being awarded an honorary degree by the University.

The talk was co-hosted by Dr Isabel Wollaston of the Department of Theology and Religion, who nominated Kitty for her award. I am pleased to say that the event was well-attended; as well as students of the University, we were joined by members of the Council for Christians and Jews, a local Catholic priest and nun and a few members of the public. For the 90 minutes of Kitty's testimony - including a 25-minute excerpt of her documentary 'Return to Auschwitz', which is a must-watch if you have not visited the former concentration camp - you could have heard a pin drop. At the age of 87 Kitty retains the passion to educate people about her experiences and speaks honestly and eloquently about what she endured under the Nazi regime. My thanks go to The University of Birmingham, in particular to Isabel Wollaston, for their enthusiasm and co-operation, and, of course, to Kitty, for whom my admiration is endless.

There are two more events confirmed in the 'West Midlands Remembers' series at the moment. These are:
- Wednesday 13th November: Rudi Oppenheimer at The University of Coventry
- Monday 18th November: Zigi Shipper at The University of Worcester

If you would like any more information about these events, please email me at aweekinauschwitz@gmail.com.