A Quick Update & Remembering Kristallnacht

This is a very quick post to draw attention to two things.

Firstly, this blog now has its own Twitter account, under the tag @WeekInAuschwitz. This has been included in the 'Useful Links' section on the right-hand side of the blog. Please do follow and spread the word. Links to new blogs will be posted on there as well as other shorter comments/observations.

The other purpose of this post is to mark the 74th anniversary of the beginning of Kristallnacht, 'The Night of Broken Glass', when many Jewish shops, synagogues and homes in Nazi Germany were destroyed and many men rounded up and sent to early concentration camps such as Dachau. Some people also tragically lost their lives. For more information on this historical event, please visit its Wikipedia page.

In memory of those who suffered and perished on that horrendous night.