100 LFA Visits to Auschwitz

This week brought with it a milestone in British Holocaust education: the 100th trip made by students on the Holocaust Educational Trust's 'Lessons from Auschwitz' (LFA) Project.

This was the project in which I took part and truly sparked my interest in Holocaust education. The project consists of three parts; two seminars and the trip itself. The visit to Poland all takes place in one day, so the whole experience lasts about 21 hours. It is tiring and intense, but powerful and such an important trip. Upon return, each student will create a project to pass on to their school or local community, thereby passing on those valuable lessons to take away from the Holocaust.

You can read a small report about the 100th trip, also attended by British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, on the Trust's website.
The story was also picked up by the media, and the BBC made a special report on the day: watch the video here.

I would like to send my warmest congratulations to the Holocaust Educational Trust and thank them for all the valuable work they do. 100 trips shows the dedication and commitment put into the project by all the staff, as well as the generous funding provided by the government and others for such an important cause. The LFA Project changed my life; regardless of whether or not other participants will choose to go into a similar area, I have no doubt that it has made some impact on every single one of them.