This is a short poem I wrote the other day, whilst going through my photos from my trip to Oswiecim in June. I will be greatly flattered if you would like to use or publish this poem anywhere, but please do contact me about it first.
Thank you.


Will you remember the gates into hell,
Descriptions of smoke and a sickening smell?

Will you remember the forests of death,
Where children played quietly before their last breath?

Will you remember the mountains of hair,
Shaved from those murdered by poisonous air?

Will you remember the barracks of wood,
Where thousands would rest as best as they could?

Will you remember the chambers for gas,
Where innocent people were murdered en masse?

Will you remember the death and disease,
The guards’ brutal treatment, the prisoners’ pleas?

Please do remember, as best as you can -
Man’s greatest danger shall always be man.