Auschwitz Through a Lens

In an earlier post, I discussed the use of photography in Auschwitz and its appropriateness. I stated that I took photos for educational purposes, as can be seen on some blogs, but did not quite see the fascination with more 'touristic' photos such as people standing underneath the Arbeit Macht Frei gate.

However, these I must share with you. The collections of photographs shared here were taken by German architect Michael Fiedler, a participant on the Auschwitz course.

The first set of photos were taken in Auschwitz I;
the second in Auschwitz-Birkenau;
the third in the centre of Krakow during the evening.

Beautiful work? In Krakow, absolutely. In Auschwitz, no. No matter how many techniques or how much photoshop programmes you apply to photographs from the camp, you cannot make the place 'beautiful'. However, Michael's talent is exceedingly clear and I find this work absolutely stunning. For me, he has captured the atmosphere of each place in every photograph, and the use of monochrome in many photographs also adds to this. The fact that most photos do not contain people, too, shows the sheer scale of Birkenau and the deafening silence of these incriminating buildings and barracks.

What are your impressions of these photos, whether you have visited the former camp site or not?